Not only do we have the experience and knowledge for building websites and mobile apps, we also have the passion for it! If you want to know more, then you've come to the right place..

(Oh, and if you're feeling techie then watch out for this: )

Web Development

We ensure our clients' websites stand head and shoulders above the crowd. We create fully responsive sites meaning that anyone viewing our creations will have the best viewing experience whether they are viewing on a smart phone, tablet or PC. Tired and out of date web builders and so called 'Out of the box' or 'quick win' solutions are just not welcome around here. Whether it's a brochure site for your business or a purpose built web app, we have all the skills and knowledge to deliver your online solution.

We specialise in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (jQuery, React JS), PHP and Node. For our CMS sites, we love Perch and Perch Runway as its fast and secure and made for developers. We also use and have knowledge in Wordpress if requested. For web apps, we use Meteor, React JS, Node and Mongo DB.

Mobile App Development

Like our websites, we design and build apps from scratch. We push our boundaries of creativity to produce products that will always offer something new and exciting. We create apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. We can build your app and deploy it to app stores on your behalf, or if it's an in-house solution then we can take care of that for you also. If you bring the idea, we'll convert it to a digital reality. We have the experience and knowledge to match your requirement.

We specialise in building mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. We recommend building apps natively so that we can produce top quality and lightening fast apps. For this native development, we write in Swift and Objective C (Xcode), Java (Android Studio) and Javascript using React Native. When needed however, we also use Cordova to build cross platform 'write once deploy to many' apps using HTML5, CSS3 and javascript.

User Interface Design

User Interfaces are about how amazing your website or app looks. They must be functional and make the user experience a delight. They must keep the user on the site for as long as possible with the intention of buying your product or service. A commercial site does not want their visitors to struggle to find a product to buy. Our experience tells us how to approach each design to achieve maximum usability. We produce wireframes and screen designs so you can see how your product moves from idea to reality.

After sketching and settling on the approach, we use Moqups, Sketch and Illustrator to create the correct look and feel and functionality and will produce PDF's or other printed material if requested.

Website Hosting

Our web hosting is user-friendly enough for beginners yet practical enough for seasoned developers and businesses. Ideal for a wide range of websites, projects, applications or even if you just want your own domain for email. Whatever you’re looking for from your web hosting, we have the solution to make your website a success. We also have attractive offers should you want us to manage your website and hosting for you. It is secure, stable and fast.

We have both Linux and Windows hosting available through our easy to use control panel. You can add databases, applications and many more features to your hosting account. You can even control it from your mobile device through the app.


We have the development skills and experience for web and mobile that can be added to any team and company.

We have packages available that enable any business to purchase a number of hours on a rolling contract for development and support of websites or mobile apps. We have created large corporate web applications and have the experience in working on projects for the full development life-cycle.