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Resizing an image in javascript

On a recent project we were working on, frustration caused by 'jimp' library in manipulating an image, led me to write my own code. My goal was to create extendable code for manipulating images in javascript. For the purpose of this post I am going to show you how to resize the image and will exclude other manipulations, such as cropping. I hope this provides a nice starting point for your project!


Google Favouring Secure Websites

Google loves websites. They really really love secure websites. They are taking security very seriously and will be clearly stating which sites are and are not secure in their search results. Now is the time to install a security certificate for your website.


The Fleet Business Show

​Part of running a business is getting out there to meet other business owners, employees, ‘one man bands’ or basically anyone else in the business World. Planet Wide City is very active in business networking and attends events on a very regular business.