Work for Planet Wide City!

We are looking for a new Front End Developer to join us here at Planet Wide City.

Here at Planet Wide City, we are expanding little by little as time goes by. We are approaching our 4th year and have been growing with every year that passes. What kind of growth? How about revenue, profit, team members, office size, exciting development projects, white board sizes, choc chip cookie sizes, tea and coffee consumption, office Spotify playlist, bad jokes and so much more! Interested?

We're looking to add to all of that by bringing in a new Front End Developer to join us get bigger and better and to create more exciting projects for web, mobile and the cloud. Still interested?

We're looking for someone with the following:

  • Excellent knowledge and experience of JavaScript and web technologies (HTML5, CSS)
  • Experienced in creating web applications
  • JavaScript Frameworks (React, Angular, jQuery) and working with the virtual DOM **
  • Node JS and/or Meteor JS **
  • Cordova/phonegap development **
  • Knowledge of Azure, AWS and/or heroku **
  • Server side development in ASP.NET and/or PHP
  • Excellent communication skills to both team members and clients
  • Confident in owning a project

** - Any of these would be huge bonus but not essential

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, then why not drop us a message on the contact form and we can do all the necessaries from there. Don't worry about CV's right now, just write us a message telling us if you're interested and a little bit about yourself and we'll contact you directly.

Planet Wide City - Lets Get Creative

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