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Stunningly beautiful websites that are as unique as you. Super fast turnkey experience and all delivered on a fixed budget. Happy days...
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Boxed Web - What is it?

Just as it sounds, Boxed Web is a website in a box. Not only do we create a dedicated and personalised website for you, our client, but at the end of the process we hand you the whole website, code and all, on a USB memory stick for you to take away. Best of all, Boxed Web comes at a fixed price, based on the type of website you want to own.

The Process

Brochure Websites and Blog/Gallery Websites are built and delivered in 24 hours… Yes, it’s true, just 24 hours. For this to be achievable, we invite you into our offices and ask you to bring your logos, pictures and initial content with you. We do the rest and you leave on the day with not only your website live on the internet, but also in your pocket!

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