Case Study - 'Lascombe Hill'

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Lascombe Hill
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Lascombe Hill are a bespoke cabinet and furniture design company based in Hampshire.

Having zero online presence in the past, they approached us looking for a website to showcase their business of making tailor-made pieces and to promote their traditional artisan methods.

Project Url
Services Provided
  • Web Design
  • JAMstack
  • Netlify CMS
  • Brochure Website

Much of what the company produces are custom made pieces for private display, so therefore an image heavy website which showed these creations was not possible.

Instead we focused on the design and manufacture process in order to get their message across.

Using a JAMstack technology with a Netlify CMS we built a fast, responsive and beautiful brochure site full of information about the company's craftspeople, workshop and its collaborative projects. The information can easily be updated by the customer in the CMS system and pages can be added and the site expanded with ease if necessary.

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