Case Study - 'Mucky Boots'

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Roup Onanian is a local business entrepreneur and is the self proclaimed rubbish Don of the area! He is the founder of Roupcycle, a waste collection service, which deals with confidential waste, skip hire, bin collection and general load and go waste services. He just loves a load of old rubbish!

Roup is a man with a vision. Not content with simply running his business, he wanted to drag it kicking and screaming into the here and now. He asked us to produce a booking system app for his staff to use so that they have a searchable documented list of jobs, held in one centrally accessible place, rather than just in Roups brain!

Services Provided
  • Ionic Framework
  • Web Design
  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application

We spent a lot of time with Roupcycle and their staff, monitoring exactly how their business worked and how they needed to improve and build upon the system they already had. Once we had decided what it was they needed, we developed both a mobile app and a web app which we built in Ionic and our very own PHP framework platforms respectively. Staff can now receive their assigned jobs, as well as detailed information and the location of job via the app. They can audit all of the waste collected and take images of ‘before’ and ‘after’ the waste collection. Staff can capture the signatures of the end clients and all information can then be used for waste notes and other legally created documents. Ultimately, it’s a massive time saver for Roupcycle staff and has provided them with a safe, accurate, searchable database of the work. A far cry from scribbling an address on the back of an old receipt!

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