Case Study - 'Rebus Logistics'

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Rebus Logistics
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King Concrete are one of the busiest concrete suppliers in the South East. They have  a huge client base and around 20 lorries which all have to be managed and coordinated with expertise and precision. As their business grew, handling this much information manually became unmanageable and they needed to go digital...

King Concrete asked us to build a software platform which automated their whole operation. They wanted complete asset management, live job creation, vehicle tracking, virtual VOSA documentation wallets, integrated notification and a mobile app.

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Services Provided
  • Ionic Framework
  • Mobile Application

We monitored how each job was handled in their head office and tried to mirror every aspect of it. To build the software we used a PHP framework and an Ionic frontend, allowing a high level of data to be processed quickly. We created a simple, easy to use drag and drop scheduling system which allowed data to be uploaded and pricing calculations to be made at the swipe of a finger. Drivers can easily be assigned to a vehicle and then each vehicle assigned to a job in turn. It’s as simple as that.   

Back on site in the office, powerful reporting capabilities mean a variety of stats are available instantly, no lengthy time consuming compilation process here! 

We also integrated automated vehicle maintenance reminders to ensure MOT certificates and insurance documentation were kept up to date.

Once the drivers collect their ruggedised devices each morning, they are, quite literally, off and away! 

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