Case Study - 'Scrap App'

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Roupcycle is a waste recycling company based in Hampshire. They are on a mission to not only improve how waste is managed and recycled, but are also strong advocates of modern technology, which will revolutionise the Industry they work within.

Roup, the owner of the business recognised that the scrap metal business was still very much stuck in the twentieth century, with scrap yards, dealers and customers all working disparately from one another, with very little automation, if any, used in the process from customer to scrap yard to recycler.

The price of metals changes daily so Roup wanted to build a website and an app that joined all of these people together through a fully automated application with an end to end digitised process, allowing end users to see what value their scrap metal had on the open market whilst also enabling scrap collectors to bid for this work.

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Services Provided
  • Web Design
  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application

A specification document was created which was subsequently signed off by Roupcycle.

Graphics for the website and app were put together and presented by a Planet Wide City partner company and everyone was pleased with the look and feel of the solution.

The webapp was built in a Planet Wide City framework program and this enabled customer data entry across both Roupcycle and the scrapyards who sign up to be collectors and/or buyers of the scrap metal on the open market.

The mobile app was built in a native mobile way for both iOS and Android consumption.

The app continues to be developed and expanded as increased functionality becomes viable and the long term relationship that Planet Wide City has built with Roupcycle has led to other projects being proposed and built since the initial project was launched in 2018.

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