Case Study - 'Square Mile'

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One Team. Ten Runners. One Mile Each. Worldwide.

The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay, the one-of-a-kind, immersive team-building experience. Choose a race. Create your team. Run your city!

Planet Wide City was charged with building a mobile app for the Square Mile relay race, to support a marketing partner of Bloomberg. They wanted the app to collaborate with various social media platforms and to display team and race results. They wanted maps of all the courses and on race day the timings and schedules of the teams to be displayed. In addition to this they needed information pages for the various sponsors of each race to be prominent. Best of all, PWC had just over a month to deliver it!

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  • Ionic Framework
  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application

After the initial scoping meeting with the client, it quickly became apparent that not only was a native mobile app required, but it needed to work in conjunction with a back-end system, allowing the management and filtering of the social media feeds, along with a push notification platform for the organisers to manage.

The fact that the calendar of races covered four continents and seven different languages meant that a great deal of thought had to go into how the solutions were going to be built and distributed. It was determined that a cloud based regionally distributed platform was needed to ensure the app could run at full speed, irrespective of which international city the user was situated in. Particular thought had to go into how the Beijing race was going to work (through the Great Firewall of China).

Within four weeks, PWC had built a super fast application for both iOS and Android devices which worked seamlessly in every location where a race was happening, even Beijing!

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