Case Study - 'The Vino Beano'

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The Vino Beano
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Wine is made to be drunk and celebrated. The Vino Beano is the new ‘go-to’ merchant for wine enthusiasts looking to purchase high quality, affordable, lovingly produced and carefully selected wines. They want their customers and club members to acquire new wines with confidence, while supporting independent artisan producers. With The Vino Beano, clients will also have access to the real stories behind these growers - how they produce, take care of and live their wines.

The Vino Beano wanted two primary outcomes from the project. They wanted an ECommerce website that showcased the exceptional wines they buy and sell and they also wanted a website that promoted the premium wine tours they organise throughout Europe.

Coupled with this they also wanted a very secure website as they deal in bonded warehouse goods, which absolutely have to be dealt with extremely carefully.

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Services Provided
  • Magento
  • Web Design
  • Branding

For this project, and with the need for both an ECommerce function AND an information requirement for the tours, we opted to build the site in Perch Runway. Perch Runway not only caters for ECommerce requirements brilliantly but also gives us 100% control as developers and does not add any extra markup to sites like other CMS's do. We know that what we build is exactly what is loaded in the browser. It is also lightning fast, extremely secure and as solid as a rock.

We also provided the full artwork files for the selected logo and imaging working with one of our design partners.

The new website is hosted and maintained on our private and fully managed servers. We were thrilled recently when the website was included in the top ten best ECommerce websites for wine.

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