Case Study - 'Tyler Mortgage Management'

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Tyler Mortgage Management
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Tyler Mortgage Management is a company founded by Simon Tyler and which has its clients best interests at heart. Using decades of first hand experience and with an enviable team of experienced advisers on hand, expert and tailored advice is what TMM clients benefit from, as soon as they start a conversation with the company.

Simon wanted to introduce a mobile app to the mortgage market that hadn’t been seen before.

An app that would allow TMM clients to have access to all the information, documents and services linked to their mortgage applications, in almost real time, and of course absolutely everything had to be heavily encrypted to protect the data. It was to be the first mortgage app of this type in the app store.

Services Provided
  • Ionic Framework
  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application

It quickly became apparent from the initial brief, that not only was a mobile app required, but a back-end web application was also needed, in order that the brokers working in the office could look after the client accounts and administer the records associated with the clients.

A Planet Wide City framework was built to cater for the back office requirement of data entry. Clients could be added by advisers or could be invited to register and complete their own registration details.

The ability for clients to digitally sign documents helped from a GDPR and authority position. Online form filling cut down on manual processes and the data captured was automatically sent to the brokers and uploaded into the document management area for the client.

There was also an integration created into Zoopla for live look-ups along with recommended partner services including insurance services, legal assistance etc.

Any adds, changes or updates to documents or applications are automatically notified to all involved parties to form a real time service for clients.

Additionally, all back office updates were automatically reflected through to the mobile app on lookup.

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