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Watch-it-Build is a start-up company run by a builder, for builders. Dan, the owner, has been in the trade for many years and is a keen supporter of using technology in building and bringing the trade into the 21st century.

Dan noticed that, whilst clients were onsite with him, it was easy to run questions by them and get decisions made much quicker. However, Dan’s frustrations came from those times when his clients weren’t present with him, whether they were at work or living remotely, whilst the work was taking place. He asked us to build a communications app, which his builders could use to communicate with their clients in real time, and keep them fully informed of the progress of their build. He wanted to be able to send photo updates and have an accurate, searchable record of his work.

Services Provided
  • Ionic Framework
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Web Application

Nothing like this existed before we were asked to build it.

We developed a native mobile app, using Ionic Framework, which enabled Dan to provide constant updates to his clients. Likewise, clients could be in constant touch with him and his team, throughout the day, at the touch of a button.

Builders can upload pictures of their progress, adding comments or questions, and buzz notifications and email alerts mean that clients can respond immediately.

Bob the Builder - ‘Where would you like the sink positioned?’

Mrs Smith - ‘Under the window please Bob :-)’

No hold ups, no waiting around, and better still, there’s a full audit trail to prevent trouble further down the line.

Once perfected, we rolled the app out to iOS and android app stores and made it available to everyone.

It’s such a useful tool for both client and builder, and subscribers have found it’s given them peace of mind as well as providing a showcase of work for potential future business. It’s win win!

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