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Soccer Coaching Limited (or SCL as they are more widely known) provide professional sports coaching to children and young adults in London and the South East. They offer curricular and extra-curricular PE and sport programmes to primary school children and work-based learning opportunities for young adults including apprenticeships, trainee-ships and study programmes.

Although they are market leaders in their area of London and the South East, their ambition was to take their company to another level and expand nationwide.

Well aware that growth of that magnitude required a multitude of staff, coaches, assessors and tutors all over the country, they asked us to build a failsafe, Automatic Tracking System (or ATS) to keep track of all job vacancies and applicants.

They wanted to be able to track every opening within the company as well as who applied for which position, when they applied for it, if they were or were not successful and, if not, why not. Excel spreadsheets were definitely not an option here!

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  • Perch Runway CMS
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  • Web Design
  • Web Application

Our crack team of in-house developers worked on, and built, an open source PHP framework tracker system capable of doing just that, and more! We created a back office system, with a fully searchable job board and manageable CMS. All the information uploaded to this system is then pulled directly to the SCL recruitment website (which we also provided!) via an intelligent ATS slingshot system. This results in a comprehensive collection of all vacant positions that can be added to at any time by an SCL manager and which will then be instantly displayed and advertised via the website.

SCL also wanted to be able to log the entire application process from start to finish and track all stages of the process, so we built the system to log internal suitability markers, interview schedules, store communication trails, produce line manager reviews and, ultimately, record the all-important outcome! Applicants can also be stored for future job suitability or removed if unsuccessful, all with the click of a button.

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